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Out (1/1)

PAIRING: Callie/Erica of course, who else?
DISCLAIMER:  Grey’s Anatomy belongs to Shonda Rhimes and ABC, they invented the characters, not me.
SUMMRY: Callie doesn’t want tell their colleagues about them, but Erica does…
FEEDBACK: yes please I love it


Dr. Callie Torres was not having a good day.  Just before she got to work she had had a fight with her lover.  And as her lover was her colleague as well, it was impossible not to run into each other at work.  She tried to concentrate on the charts before her, but it was no use. The fight with Erica kept playing in her head.  Callie just hoped she didn’t have a case in which Ortho and Cardio had to work together.  She didn’t know if she’d be able to concentrate if she was on the same case as Erica. Her lover was Dr. Erica Hahn, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  They had been together for a few months and practically lived together.  So far they hadn’t told anyone about their relation and that was what had caused the fight this morning.  Erica wanted her to move in but she wasn’t ready for that.  Well, if she thought about it, she was ready to move in with Erica, but moving in would mean that she would have to tell people and she totally wasn’t ready for that.  So now Erica thought that she was ashamed of her, of their relationship.  Even thought she had denied that, Erica wouldn’t believe her, so she had just taken her stuff and left Erica’s house.  She looked at her watch and saw that Erica’s shift would start in 30 minutes.   

She looked at the board and saw that no surgeries were scheduled for the afternoon.  Callie sighed.

“Great, not even a surgery to take my mind of things”, she murmured.

“What things”, she heard a voice say behind her.

“Get away, Sloan, leave me alone”, and Callie tried to push him away.

But Mark Sloan was stronger and put his arms around Callie.

“Now come on, Callie, you used to tell what was wrong, now you just avoid me.”

Callie tried to get out of Marks embrace.  Suddenly she saw Erica arrive at the hospital.  She knew she had to get out of Marks forced embrace.  She knew what Erica would think.

“Sloan, get the hell away from me and leave me alone”, she yelled at Mark and he let her loose.

Out of the corner of her eye Callie saw the hurt and angry look in Erica’s eyes.  Even though she was still mad at Erica for forcing her to come out, she ran after her.

“Erica, wait, Erica…”

She was able to grab Erica’s arm before she entered the locker’s room.

“Erica, please wait.”

Erica looked at Callie.

“Why, what else have you got to say after this morning”, Erica said.

Callie could see that Erica had been crying. Her eyes were still a bit red and were swollen.  She looked tired as well.

“You’ve been crying”, Callie softly said.

Erica just looked at her.

“You hurt me this morning; Callie and now I see you hugging Sloan. Do you want to put me even deeper?”

“I hugged Sloan??  Maybe you didn’t notice, but his arms were around me and not the other way around.  Maybe you didn’t hear me yell at him that he had to leave me alone?”, Callie angrily said.

Callie realized that she had raised her voice a bit and that they might draw the attention of their colleagues.  But she realized she didn’t care. Erica had cried because of her, she had made Erica cry, she had hurt Erica.

“Just leave me alone, Callie.  I can’t deal with this right now.”

Erica tried to get away from Callie. Callie knew that she couldn’t let Erica go. She had a feeling she might not be able to get her back.  Erica walked towards the Cardio Unit.

“Erica, Erica, please listen to me”, she yelled after her.

By now they had gathered the attention of most of their colleagues. It was common knowledge that they were best friends, so a fight between them was rare.

“Erica, please, I’m sorry I hurt you.”

But Erica just kept walking without looking back.  Callie didn’t know what she could do to convince Erica that she loved her.  Yes she loved her, more then anything, she realized that now.  Erica was the one she wanted to spend her life with and suddenly she didn’t care if the entire hospital knew about their love for each other.

“Erica, please, I…I love you, listen to me”, Callie pleaded.

That stopped Erica dead in her tracks.

“Oh my god”, Callie thought, “I just declared my love for Erica in front of everyone at the hospital.”

She saw that Erica was walking towards her. Suddenly she was afraid that Erica might not appreciate what she had done.  Erica always wanted to keep her professional life and her private life separated.  And here she was yelling to Erica that she loved her in the middle of the hospital.  She blinked her eyes and saw that Erica was smiling.  Suddenly she had hope, hope that they might not be over after all.


“I’m so sorry about this morning, honey, so sorry, I didn’t mean it.  I don’t care if people know.  I love you, I love you so much”, she cried.

She felt Erica hug her and comfort her.

“Ssshh, it’s ok, Callie, I love you too.  I’m sorry I thought you were ashamed of us”, Erica whispered.

By now she was aware that the entire hospital was watching them.  Most of them were watching with their mouths open, surprised about their relationship.  But she saw some with a not so surprised look, like they were expecting this.

“So far from keeping my professional and my private life separated.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Doesn’t matter, you know what, let’s give them something to talk about…”

And in front of their colleagues they kissed.  Callie felt her Erica’s soft lips on hers, it felt like the firs time all over again.  Slowly the kiss became more heated.   Tongues found each other, little moans were being heard…

Out of the corner of her eye, Callie saw Mark looking at them in surprise.  She thought she saw a hurt look flash over his face, but it happened so quickly that she wasn’t sure it had happened.

Suddenly she heard someone clear their throat.

“Ladies, glad to see you worked out your differences but this is a hospital…”

Quickly they pulled apart and looked into the face of their Chief, Dr. Richard Webber.  They felt themselves blush beet red.

“Like I said, glad to see that you worked out your differences, but if you want to continue…this… well, go to an office or something”, the Chief said.

“Sorry about this Richard, it won’t happen again”, Erica tried to say in her Dr. Hahn voice, but was failing miserably.

“Guess I will get a change in address from you soon, right”, he said to Callie.

Callie could only nod.  She still felt her ears blush.

“We’ll get back to work at once”, Callie stuttered.

“See you later”, she saw Erica mouth at her.

A couple of days after their outing at the hospital, Callie didn’t understand why she had been so afraid to tell everyone.  There had been no weird stares, no hurt comments, just the usual gossip you had when two colleagues got together.  In the meantime she had moved all her stuff out of Cristina’s place and had moved in with Erica.  Tonight would be their first night in their house together.  And Callie hoped there would be many nights to follow.


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