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French Love

TITLE: French love
: Callie/Erica of course, who else
: The cast of Grey’s Anatomy belongs to Shonda Rhimes and ABC,
: R

: This story pictures an established relationship between Callie and Erica.  They are in France to celebrate their firstt anniversary and remember the first year of their relationship.
: yes please, much appreciated.
: I wrote this story while being on honeymoon in Fontarèches, Southern France.  What you read about the villa and the surroundings is what I saw when I was writing this story, sitting on the porch, overlooking the beautiful garden.

Dr. Erica Hahn was sitting on a swing chair looking at the view before her.  She saw a vineyard to her left and a sunflower field in front of her.  Further away she saw a lavender field too.  Trees surrounded the fields.  Far away she could hear a dog bark.  The only other sound she heard was that of the hornets, an insect typical for this area. The sky was azure blue. She sipped her glass of white wine.

A year ago she hadn’t thought she’d be here now, on holiday in Southern France with the love of her life.   But here she was now, in a small village called Fontarèches.  A year ago she had kissed her current partner without any hope at all of them becoming a couple.  In fact she had even thought she’d lose her best friend because of it too.  What a surprise it had been when her best friend had kissed her back a few days afterwards.  It had been the beginning of a beautiful love between them, even though at the beginning they had had more downs then ups.

The thought about their first kiss brought a smile to her face. 

“What are you smiling about, Erica?”

Erica looked up at her partner and gave her a kiss.

“I was remembering our first kiss.”

“Oh, that first kiss, yes that was something.  But you know, even now, I still feel the same way when we kiss.”

“Me too, Callie, I love you.”

“I love you too, mí amor.” 

The thing she never thought possible had happened exactly 1 year ago.  Dr. Callie Torres, orthopaedic surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital and her best friend had kissed her.  She herself had kissed Callie a first time in the elevator in front of Dr. Mark Sloan, to taunt him.  She had thought she had lost her best friend then, but a couple of days after that kiss, Callie had kissed her back by the parking lot of the hospital.  She still remembered how nervous she felt for their first date.  Neither of them were out the closet and didn’t want to run into any

colleagues for their first date, so they had gone to a restaurant in the outskirts of Seattle.  It had been a perfect first date, full of promises and love.

Gradually they became more comfortable with the fact that they were in a lesbian relationship and they acted more freely with each other out in public. 

One day Callie was fed up with having to sleep at Cristina’s couch and she missed Erica when she wasn’t around.  So they decided to take the leap and move in together. Her house was big enough for two and Callie loved it there. 

“You still remember the day we told Richard?” Erica asked her lover.

“Oh yes I do, I was so afraid he’d have a heart attack or something.  I still think he stopped breathing for a while”, Callie responded. 

One night Callie had brought up that she was tired of sleeping on Cristina’s couch and that she would look for a place to live.  They were lying in Erica’s bed.

“You’re kidding, right”, Erica had asked Callie.

Callie came to rest on her elbow and looked strangely at Erica. 

“Kidding, why?” Callie had asked.

“Callie, every free moment you spent at my place.  Half of your stuff is here.  I’d love it if you moved in with me, Callie.  When you aren’t here, I feel so lost and alone.  Maybe it’s too soon for you, I’d totally understand…”

Erica’s ramblings were cut off with a kiss from Callie.

“I’d love to move in with you, Erica.”

They had decided to tell Richard the day after and make their relation official.  They had no idea whether they would encounter any problems. None of their colleagues knew about them, only Mark Sloan, as he had seen them kissing at the parking lot.

Both were nervous about going to work.  As they had the same shift, they decided to take the same car to work.  Previously they had always driven separate cars so that no one would suspect.

Of course when they arrived at the parking lot, they ran into Callie’s ex-husband, Dr. George O’Malley.

“Callie, Dr. Hahn”, he greeted them both.

“George, good morning.”

When he saw them walking away, he noticed that they had arrived in one car and that they were walking awfully close to each other. He had also heard from Cristina that Callie hardly ever spent any more time at her place and mostly slept elsewhere too. He shook his head and thought that it couldn’t be possible that his ex-wife was together with Dr. Hahn after all, Callie had never told him she liked women.

In the locker room of the hospital Erica and Callie were getting ready to face Richard.

“Ready, Callie?” Erica softly asked.

“Yes, ready as I can be, mí amor.”

“What does that mean, mí amor?”

“My love.”

“I love it when you speak Spanish, it sounds sexy”, Erica whispered in Callie’s ear.

“Estás el amor de mí vida, Erica, quiero estar contiga toda mí vida.”

Callie gave Erica a quick peck on the lips and translated: “You are the love of my life, I want to spend my entire life with you.” 

Together they entered the Chief’s office.

“Dr. Torres, Dr. Hahn, what can I do for you?” he greeted them.  “Please sit down.”

Callie looked nervously at Erica.  Erica squeezed Callie’s hand to reassure her.

“Richard, there is something we’d like to tell you”, Erica started.

“Oh, what is it?  Nothing serious I hope?”, Richard said.

“Oh no, sir, nothing bad.  It’s just that I wanna tell you that I’m moving and that well,…” Callie looked over at Erica for help.

“Callie is moving in with me, Richard”, Erica finished.

“So you’ll be roommates then?  You don’t get along with Dr. Yang anymore, Callie?” Richard asked.

“Well, it’s nothing like that, Richard. Actually, Dr. Torres here is my partner and she’s moving in WITH me, as in together to live with me.”

That’s when Richard stopped breathing for a moment.

“Well, luckily he didn’t object to us being a couple”, Callie said.

“If he had, I would gladly have left Seattle Grace to be able to be with you, honey.”

“You would?”

“Of course I would Callie.  For years my career was the most important thing in my life.  Hell, it was the only thing in my life.  But that was before you.  You are more important then my career.   You are my everything, Callie Torres”, and she kissed her lover deeply.

“I’m so glad I decided to take the risk to be with you Erica.  I was so afraid of the talking and the gossip, but it was worth all of it.” 

Erica remembered how some of the nurses and other doctors had reacted badly to her relationship with Callie.  Some even refused to work with them, afraid they might get the “gay virus”, as Erica heard them call it.  But they both ignored the talks and after a couple of weeks they no longer were a hot news topic.  They never acted like a couple at work, though they didn’t hide it either. 

Erica took a drink of her glass of wine.  She took in her surroundings.  Through a friend she had found this superb villa in the Provence, Southern France.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  The nearest village was two miles away.  It had five bedrooms, two bedrooms, a huge garden and a big swimming pool. Though it was way too big for just the two of them, she hadn’t hesitated to rent the place for two weeks.  When she saw the pictures of the villa, she immediately fell in love with the place.  The house had a huge porch with a swing chair that overlooked the garden.  The garden was full of a plant called Oleander, typical for the Mediterranean area.  The house was decorated in the local style with lots of warm colors.  Everywhere in the garden were little terraces that made romantic spots.  Depending on whether you liked the sun or not, you could sit wherever you want in the garden.  Next to the swimming pool was a barbecue which they used almost every night.  Apparently Callie knew how to use a barbecue because she used to have lots of barbecues when she still lived with her parents.  Sometimes they went out for dinner to a local restaurant, or they went to a local market to search for items to decorate their house with.  They visited Avignon and Nîmes and fell totally in love with both cities.  But most of the time they just relaxed and enjoyed each other.

Tomorrow they would go back to Seattle, to the real life.  Erica decided that this was the last chance she had before they left. 

“This was the perfect place to celebrate our first anniversary, amor.  Thank you so much for booking this place.  I’m totally in love with it”, Callie said.

“I’m glad you liked it, Callie.  I wanted our first anniversary to be something special, because we’ve been through a lot this last year.”

She fidgeted with her hands.  Somehow she couldn’t hide that she was nervous about what she was about to ask her lover.  Of course Callie noticed the fidgeting.

“You okay, honey?  You seem nervous.”

Erica took a deep breath and started.

“Callie, this last year with you has been the best.  I’m so glad I decided to follow my heart and kiss you that day in the elevator.  You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  So Calliope Torres, would you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?”

And with that Erica dropped to her knees and opened a blue box. In it was the most beautiful ring Callie had ever seen. She stared at it and stared back at Erica.

“Yes, my love, yes”, and she kissed Erica.

Their last night in France was spent talking about their future and making love to each other. They decided that after their marriage they wanted to try and have a baby.  Like any other couple in love they wanted to have children to make their love complete.   

They knew that as long as they had each other, they could face anything their future had in store for them.



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