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Wrong or right?

TITLE: Wrong or right?

DISCLAIMER: Grey’s Anatomy is property of Shonda Rimes and ABC.  Unfortunately they are not mine, if they were, the rest of the cast would have been fired and Sara and Brooke would be the only ones left.  No copyright infringement intended.

PAIRING: Callie/Erica of course, who else?

SUMMARY: is loving someone wrong or right?
NOTE: I wrote this story after I had read lots of homophobic comments. They made me very mad.  It was before the firing of Brooke Smith. This is a story against homophobia.  

Lots of thanks and hugs to superfy_me for being an awesome beta!!

Dr. Erica Hahn was doing her usual rounds in Seattle Grace when she heard loud voices.

“You… get away from my daughter, you freak.  You turned her into a lesbian…”

“Mom, please…don’t…no…”


Erica hurried up and she saw Callie across the hallway doing the same.  Behind Callie, Mark Sloan was slightly jogging too.  Erica reached the room first and burst inside.  The occupants of the room all looked to the person who came bursting in.


“Care to explain why you are yelling in a hospital”, Erica said in a stern voice. 


In the meantime Callie and Marc had arrived at the room too.  Both saw the look on Erica’s face and knew that the ones yelling were in trouble.


“I’m Dr. Erica Hahn, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  You are?” she asked to the girl laying in the bed.


Erica purposely ignored the older woman, the mother she presumed.


“I’m Elena Diaz”, the girl said, afraid of the look Erica was giving her.

“What’s going on here, Elena?”


Before Elena got a chance to answer, the older woman next the bed, started yelling again.


“What’s wrong? This perverted girl here”, and she pointed to the other side of the bed, “has the nerve to visit my daughter here…”


Before the woman got any further, Erica interrupted in her most “Erica Hahn voice”.

“I will NOT tolerate yelling in this hospital. Either you talk to me normally, or you get out and the girl stays.  Do we understand each other?”


The mother just nodded.  Erica noticed that Elena and the other girl looked pretty scared.  She looked at Callie who immediately understood what she wanted.

“Ms. Diaz, come with me”, Erica said to the mother.

When she saw that the mother hesitated, she added in a loud voice: “NOW”.

On her way out she motioned Callie.

“Talk to the girls, Callie.  I’ll take care of the mother.”

Callie nodded.


Inside the room Callie nodded to the two girls.


“Hi, I’m Dr. Callie Torres.”


“I’m Caitlin, and this is my girlfriend Elena.”


Callie noticed the challenging stare Caitlin was giving her. She knew that stare all too well, she had used it a few times too, when people had a problem with her relationship with Erica.

“Hey, I’m not here to judge you”, Callie softly said, “so tell me, what’s wrong.”

“My mother hates me for being a lesbian”, Elena softly cried.

“She doesn’t accept your relationship with Caitlin?”

“She hates her”, Elena added.

“How long have you been together?”

“Two years. We met in our first year of med school.  It was love at first sight.”

“Oh med school, future doctors then?”


They both nodded.

“Any thoughts about specialties yet?”


“Yes, I’m really interested in Orthopaedics and Elly wants to be a paediatrician”, Caitlin proudly said.

“Ortho?  I’m Ortho, that’s great.”

“Really? Cool”, Caitlin beamed.

“Are you out at med school”, Callie asked.

“Yes, but it’s not easy.  Sometimes we are afraid our sexuality will jeopardize our future career.  But we don’t want to hide.  We love each other, there is nothing wrong with that”, Elena said, “but my mother thinks I’m perverted now and she doesn’t even want to pay for med school anymore now.  It’s my dream to be a paediatrician one day.”


Callie thought back to the beginning of her relation with Erica, how difficult it had been at some points, how some people had reacted badly to their relation.  How some refused to work with them.  Someone had even written “dirty dyke” on their lockers once.  She didn’t know how to explain all this.  Callie sighed.


“It’s not going to be easy, I can tell you that.”


“What do you know, you’re not gay, you don’t know what it’s like for us…” Caitlin said.


Normally Callie didn’t discuss her personal life with patients, but she knew that Erica had left her to deal with these girls, because they were in a lesbian relationship and that this was the only way to help these girls.


“Yes I do know what it’s like.  You’re both lucky to realize you’re gay at such an young age.  I was 33 when I realized I’m a lesbian.  And at 33 it really turns your life upside down.”


Callie saw both girls looking at her with open mouth.


“You’re a lesbian, Dr. Torres?” Elena shyly asked.


“Yes I am.  Remember Dr. Hahn?” both girls nodded ,”she’s my lover, my partner.  So I know what I say when I say it’s not going to be easy. When we came out, some refused to work with us, some patients who found out refused to be treated by us.  Someone damaged our lockers and wrote “dirty dyke” on it.  When we go to official gatherings together, we are frowned upon.  Erica is the best cardiothoracic surgeon there is, but I’m sure she missed awards because she’s with me.  All I want to tell you, is that you have to be strong as a couple to get through it.  It’s not easy.  We already made a bit of a career before coming out, but your career still has to be made, so it’s not going to be easy for you.  Each day is a fight to be treated equally as a straight couple.  Your coming out is never done. Each time you are in a new situation with new people, you can start all over again. Erica and I are very lucky that we have a Chief who reacts strongly to homophobic acts.  But not all chiefs are so understandable”, Callie finished.


“How did your parents react, Dr. Torres?” Caitlin asked.


“My dad didn’t talk to me for almost a year and my mom threatened to disown me.  But then my parents started realizing how happy I am with Erica and they slowly started accepting us.  Now, Erica is like a second daughter to them.  But it takes time, you have to give your mother time, Elena.  I totally freaked out when I realized I was falling in love with Erica, so I can only imagine as a parent it’s equally as hard.  Your mother is afraid you will be frowned upon, that people will treat you differently because you’re a lesbian.  Give her time, Elena and you too, Caitlin.  She will come around when she sees how happy you are together.”


“Still can’t believe you’re a lesbian Dr. Torres.  I think you are the only gay doctor I know, well, you and Dr. Hahn.  Thanks for sharing your story with us.  But it’s hard sometimes with my mom.  I love Caitlin, she’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”



In the meantime in Erica’s office.

“You are an intelligent woman, Dr. Hahn, at least you listen to me. Elena never listens to me.  That Caitlin perverted her…”, Sofia Diaz said.


Erica interrupted her.

“Mrs. Diaz, do you think your daughter chose to be gay?” Erica softly asked.

Sofia looked offended.

“Of course it’s a choice, she’s not a lesbian, that Caitlin brainwashed her…”

“Mrs. Diaz, if it is a choice as you say it is, do you think Elena would willingly choose a life where people will treat her differently because she’s in a same sex relationship?  Do you think that Elena likes it when people call her “dyke” or don’t want to dress with her in the locker room because she’s a lesbian?  Would you choose a life like that?”

“Of course not!”

“That’s what I thought.  Elena didn’t choose this, it’s the way she is.  You don’t choose who you fall in love with, Mrs. Diaz. Elena looks like an intelligent girl, so if she could change her feelings, she would.  But you can’t change the way you feel.”


Sofia didn’t say anything. Erica saw that she was thinking about what she had said. 


“I don’t want my daughter being frowned upon, I don’t want people to call my little girl “dyke” behind her back, I don’t want her to miss her career as a doctor because she’s gay.  I don’t want that life for her”, Sofia sobbed.


“Elena didn’t want that life either, but it’s the way she is.  You can’t change that.”


“That’s easy for you to say, Dr. Hahn.  You’re a straight doctor, very successful, you don’t know what it is for Elena.  I was there once when they were calling her names and everything.  It breaks my heart…”


Erica sighed.  Heart to heart talks with strangers wasn’t really her specialty.  Callie was more into that.  She put her hand on Sofia’s shoulder.


“Mrs. Diaz, I will tell you something I normally don’t tell patients or patients family as it concerns my personal life.  Of all the things you said about me, one thing isn’t true.  You said I’m intelligent and a successful doctor, but you got the straight part wrong.  I’m a lesbian.  And I’m the best Cardiothoracic surgeon there is. Why do you think Elena couldn’t accomplish that?”


Sofia stared at her.


“You’re … gay?”

“Yes I am.  I’m not in the closet. Everyone knows I’m in a relationship with a woman. And sure, yes, there have been talks and some even refused to work with us, but we got out stronger as a couple and as a person.”

“Your girlfriend works here too?” Sofia asked amazed.


Erica nodded.


“Yes, she’s the doctor I left in the room to talk with Elena and Caitlin.  Dr. Callie Torres is my partner. She too is very successful in her field. She’s an orthopaedic surgeon and interns look up to her.  So please, Mrs. Diaz, don’t judge your daughter too much.”

“I just want my little girl to be happy, Dr. Hahn.”

“I know, then let her be happy with Caitlin.”



Later that day…

“Hey gorgeous”, Erica heard someone whisper in her ear, “you feel like breaking your ‘no-sex-at-work’ rule?”

“Yes…” and Erica felt Callie tug at her sleeve.  She turned around.

“but that doesn’t mean I will break it, Cal.  Our shift is over in 2 hours…”

“Two hours is very long when you are very horny for your sexy girlfriend…”Callie whined.

Erica looked at Callie.  It took all her willpower not to kiss her right there in front of everyone.  But then she thought “I never said I didn’t kiss at work.”

And with that she planted a kiss on Callie’s lips.

“Behave and I have a surprise for you when you get home…” Erica whispered in Callie’s ear before slightly sucking on her ear.


At the end of the hallway, a woman was observing the two doctors when they kissed and she noticed that no one paid any special attention to them or that no one yelled at them…


I leave the end open.  Don’t know what ending to give this.  Like in life, you don’t know how situations like this will end.  We can only hope that some day people won’t look at gays, lesbians and bi’s as a curiosity or as something evil. After all, you don’t chose who you fall in love with, you don’t willingly chose a life that gets you discriminated and frowned upon.  I hope one day that people will understand that being gay/lesbian/bi is not something we chose, but simply our feelings for someone.  Like straight people also don’t chose to fall in love with some of the same sex.  Their heart decides.  Like our heart decides for us too.  And I still have to meet the person who claims he can control feelings and hearts.

So, let us live in peace and stop the homophobic stuff.

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