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From Erica with love...

TITLE: From Erica with love

AUTHOR: sapphicwarrior

PAIRING: Callie/Erica of course, who else

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Grey’s Anatomy belong to ABC and Shonda Rhimes (what a shame that is).  No copyright infringement intended.

SUMMARY:  This story takes place six months, one week and six days after the final scene of Callie and Erica.

Callie looked at the postcard hanging on the fridge.  Ever since she had received it, she started and ended her day with looking at it.  It was a postcard from the San Francisco Golden Gate.  She had received it exactly six months, one week and six days ago.  That was three weeks and two days after Erica had left Seattle Grace and her.  She took the postcard in her hand and looked at the writing on the back.


Didn’t write to UNOS.

Love, E.


 She brought the postcard to her heart.  She felt like crying, but she couldn’t anymore. She had cried so much these last months, that she had no tears left.  In fact she left like she had no emotions left at all.  She went through her days in automatic pilot.  She interacted with patients, with colleagues, she made jokes, she laughed, but she didn’t feel anymore. Not since Erica had walked out on her that night, exactly six months, one week and six days ago.  Not since Erica had taken her heart with her that night.


When she found out the next day that Erica had resigned, she called in sick for an entire week.  She tried calling Erica, showed up at her apartment, but Erica didn’t react to Callie’s pleas. So after one week, she went back to work.  Her colleagues saw that Callie wasn’t the same anymore. She was just Dr. Torres at work. The Callie part wasn’t there anymore.  She didn’t go to Joe’s anymore, in the cafeteria she always ate lunch alone, if she ate at all that is.  She was just Dr. Torres. The Callie part had gone with Erica, that’s how it felt for Callie.

They referred to her now as the Ice Queen, instead of Erica.


Then that day, six months, one week and six days ago, she had received a postcard from San Francisco. A postcard from Erica. She had cried hours after that.  Cristina found her on the couch and when she asked if she was okay, Callie broke and told Cristina how Erica had broken up with her. And at that moment she had her own realization.


“I’m seeing leaves, Cristina, I’m seeing leaves…” and she started crying again.

Cristina looked at her confused and decided she had done enough girly stuff and left Callie alone.


A few days later, a new intern hit on her and she told him to save his breath because she didn’t date guys.  The news travelled fast through the hospital, but the new Dr. Torres didn’t care at all. The old one might have cared that they gossiped about it but the new Dr. Torres didn’t feel anymore, so she didn’t care.


Her residency was coming to an end and Richard had told her they needed an Ortho Attending. She still hadn’t applied for it.  Her heart wasn’t in it anymore.  Her heart wasn’t in Seattle Grace Hospital anymore.


Today when she got home from work and found an envelope with Erica’s handwriting on it, she suddenly felt like the old Dr. Torres again.  She started trembling and she felt tears coming up.  She looked at the envelope.


“Why would Erica be writing me?” she thought to herself.


Callie sat down on the sofa, opened the envelope and started reading.



Stupid question to ask but I’m asking it anyway as most letters begin this way.  How are you doing?

You are probably wondering why I’m writing you six months, one week and four days  after I left Seattle Grace, after I left you…

I’ve been wanting to write you for a long time but never found the nerve to do so.  But today it was seven months ago that I kissed you in the elevator. Seven months ago that this action changed our lives.

I hurt you a lot the day I left.  I’m sorry.  I want you to know that.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to forgive me for it one day.  I hope so.  I should have give you more time to figure things out, I should have been more understanding, I should have been…

I’m working in San Francisco Bay Hospital as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  It’s a nice job, but it’s not Seattle

I miss you.  I’m only physically here because I left my heart with you in Seattle, my sweet Callie. 

I hope one day you can forgive me for all the pain and all the grieve I cost you.  I hope one day we can maybe be friends again, because that I miss even more, my sweet Callie.  You are my best friend and I miss talking to you, doing things with you.

I hope you are doing well.  I think of you every second of every day and I wish I could turn back time to redo our last conversation.  There is still so much I want to say to you…


From Erica with love


PS: the hospital has an opening for an Orthopaedic Attending…



Callie grabbed inside the box of Kleenex standing next to her.  She noticed several spots on the letter where tears must have fallen. Erica, her Erica had cried while writing this letter.  Her heart broke at that realization.  She reread the letter and suddenly knew what to do…

Tags: callie/erica, fanfiction, from erica with love
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